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Guruface is your complete online platform for learning, teaching, and training. Our mission is to provide a state of the art online training platform for students, freelance teachers, corporate trainers, and small to mid-size companies worldwide. We have a foundation of highly talented professional trainers who specialize in a variety of subject areas including


Our History


We’re recognized globally for connecting students with right trainers. For over half a decade, we’ve been bring trainers and students together for individual and enterprise needs on our outstanding platform. Started as an e-learning platform just for students, Guruface has now evolved offering wide range of services, including trainer jobs, courses, online platform for training for trainers and enterprises and more.


What does 'Guruface' mean?


A guru is a person with great knowledge, wisdom and authority in their field. A guru is one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. The Sanskrit translation literally means "teacher". The term 'guru' depicts a knowledgeable person who loves to share that knowledge with the world. We use the term 'Guru' as a gesture of appreciation toward teachers, and 'Face' to represent the effectiveness of face-to-face learning.


How Guruface Can Help You?


Students: Find your trainers

Trainers: Find your students & a platform to train

Enterprises: A platform to train & analyse your staff

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