Thought Leadership That Drives Customer Acquisition
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Thought Leadership That Drives Customer Acquisition

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Ken Burke Ken Burke

Course Summary

Take your business to new heights by learning how to create a winning marketing strategy that leverages content marketing in unique and innovative ways.

These days, customers interact with brands at arm’s length—online. How can you connect with your customers and be generous with them while staying on-brand?

This course presents examples of thought leadership and an in-depth look at how to leverage this form of free content marketing, which includes blogs, reports, speaking gigs, PR, and more, to your advantage. Topics explored include identifying your expertise, choosing how to distribute your knowledge pieces, and a look at examples from a variety of industries.

A workshop developed to support you work with the thought leadership prep worksheet completes this course.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. Why do I need an acquisition plan?
  2. Can I hire someone else to do the sales stuff?
  3. What kinds of goals should I set for my acquisition plan?

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