Robot Framework Test Concepts with Selenium, Python, and Excel
Category: Software Testing and QA

Robot Framework Test Concepts with Selenium, Python, and Excel

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Wally Tauriac Wally Tauriac

Course Summary

Learn to record, create, and execute Robot Framework test scripts that use the benefits of Selenium, Excel, and Python to achieve web test automation. The concepts of Robot Framework enable flexible and quality testing of web applications. It easily integrates with other test tools which results in powerful test execution and results.

Who can benefit?

If your budget limits you to open source, this tool is an excellent tool for test automation. Whether you are a novice tester or a experienced test engineer you can benefit from the use of this test tool. This course currently addresses testing web applications, but Robot Framework has integration tools for testing SAP, desktop, and GUI applications.

What you will learn?

The course is designed to improve your knowledge in the art of automation testing using many features and functions of Robot Framework using its ability to integrate with Selenium, Python, and Excel.

How to get certified?

This course is not a certification course.