React.js Essentials - Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular front-end library
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React.js Essentials - Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular front-end library

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Shaun Wassell Shaun Wassell

Course Summary

Knowing React allows developers to create beautiful, performant, easily maintainable websites incredibly quickly. This course will take the learner from beginner to proficient, covering all the important steps in creating a React application. There are many materials out there for learning React, many of them difficult to work through, most of them out of date (React has gone through some pretty major changes recently). There are also notably few sources on React “best practices”, which can lead to some very messy code. This course aims to provide an incremental, step by step process for learning modern React, while making sure the learner is aware of relevant pitfalls and anti-patterns. React is used by many companies these days, primarily because it allows a single React developer to do the work of several “old-style” web developers. There is also currently a shortage of React developers due to very high demand.

Who can benefit?

  • The course is for you if...
  • You’re already a front-end developer and want to use React to build performant sites.
  • You’re a software developer with little to no experience in web development and want to jump right into the most advanced technology for doing so.
  • You’ve seen the huge number of React-related job postings and want to advance your career

What you will learn?

Get hands-on practice building a full-scale React application.

See how to bundle and deploy this application so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Learn how to communicate effectively with other React.

developers by knowing the fundamental concepts of React Maximize the performance of your website.

Learn to recognize good and bad patterns in React code

How to get certified?

Currently, there are no widely-accepted React certification courses, mostly due to the fact that React has changed pretty drastically in the past 2 years