QTP/UFT for SAP Applications
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QTP/UFT for SAP Applications

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Wally Tauriac Wally Tauriac

Course Summary

This course is designed to bring UFT or QTP together with SAP Portal and SAPGUI application testing activities. If you are only knowledgeable of UFT, but have never used it to test SAP applications, here is an opportunity for you to become proficient using UFT for SAP test automation. SAP Portal which is a WEB application use objects different from other WEB applications. SAPGUI also has a different set of objects that add complexity to test automation. This course is beneficial to knowing how to test these SAP application types with UFT and a data driven framework. If you are new to UFT and new to SAP but familiar with the products, you can benefit from this course as well. There many QTP scripts that will be helpful to you on future SAP test opportunities, and framework code to help with standardizing your testing project.

Who can benefit?

Whether you have QTP/UFT knowledge or have been exposed to SAP, you can benefit from this course. You will learn more about both products, and be exposed to a solid test framework.

What you will learn?

This course includes skill building for QTP/UFT features and functions with 18 reusable QTP scripts. The course provides and demonstrates a test framework designed for SAP GUI applications.

How to get certified?

This course is not designed to prepare students for any certification, but is does prepare you with confidence using QTP for testing SAP applications.