Persuasion in Business Communications
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Persuasion in Business Communications

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TJ Walker TJ Walker

Course Summary

Master business persuasion tactics that motivate individuals into action from world-class speaker, trainer, and #1 best selling author TJ Walker.

Persuasion is the most powerful tool any business executive, manager, or leader can have. With strong persuasion skills, any goal is achievable. Without strong persuasion skills, not much happens and careers and businesses stall.

This course is filled with practical, step-by-step processes that anyone in the workplace can use to persuade colleagues, bosses, customers, clients and prospects on what to do.

Who can benefit?

Any Professionals

What you will learn?

1 Give persuasive talks, briefings, speeches and presentations

2 Influence colleagues, bosses, prospects and clients

3 Sign more customers and clients

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