Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three Phase Systems
Category: Electrical Engineering

Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three Phase Systems

Course Summary

In the power systems analysis field of electrical engineering, a per-unit system is the expression of system quantities as fractions of a defined base unit quantity. Calculations are simplified because quantities expressed as per unit do not change when they are referred from one side of a transformer to the other. In this course, you will learn exactly what Per Unit Analysis is, the main advantages of using it, how manufacturers of equipment use and rate their products, and the technique of converting to and from the Per Unit system. It is important for all power engineers and technicians to be familiar with the concept of Per Unit as it is being used and referred to every day in power flow, short circuit evaluation and motor starting studies.

Who can benefit?

This course is intended for Engineers, Technologist, Technicians, Students wishing to learn and understand or just review Per Unit Analysis.

What you will learn?

Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three Phase Systems

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