MBA - Strategic Management - Manage Innovation
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MBA - Strategic Management - Manage Innovation

Trained by
Hans Weemaes Hans Weemaes

Course Summary

This is an 30+min lesson about “How do you develop and grow a disruptive innovation next to your core business” This is a hot topic among CEO’s and their executive teams. They all realize that they have to innovate, disrupt and can’t be left behind. However developing and growing a disruptive innovation is more difficult than people think.

In this lesson, I will offer in this talk 6 evidence based tips on how leaders should think about those challenges. The stories is based on research, and uses several great examples to make this story sparkle. This are the cases of Post-It (3M), Kodak, Nespresso, Medtronic and British Airways.

This story is particularly relevant for senior executives, mid level professionals in a wide variety of industries. But particularly so in traditional industries where there is a plenty of disruption going on. For example the Financial Services industry, it therefore is important to understand how to grow and develop disruptive innovations.

In short, it’s a very interesting lesson with good examples with several key take aways .and lessons that can be directly applied to your company

Who can benefit?

  • Prospective MBA students
  • Students, Employees, Managers and Executives with an interest in managing disruptive innovations Show less

What you will learn?

  • Understand why it is so challenging to manage disruptive innovations next to a core business
  • Make better decisions within corporates to deal with managing innovations

How to get certified?

After the successful completion of this course.