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Liminal Coaching

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Course Summary

Your state of mind determines not just how you feel—but what you can achieve, and who you can become. But if your thinking is clouded by stress, worry, and other negative emotions, you’ll have a harder time pushing through the challenges of life. That’s why we offer Liminal Coaching—to help you more easily experience emotions like joy, gratitude, peace of mind, and powerful satisfaction. You’ll gain more clarity, confidence, and control over your reactions and emotions than you ever thought possible. Take the first step toward a life with less fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness. and join our 6 week online introductory programme.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is tired of working or living in a fear based organisation, culture or society.

What you will learn?

Liminal Coaching is simple, although it’s not simplistic.

It’s not rules-based—you don’t have to do “this and that,” or take an expensive course. (Although courses and reading can help.)

Instead, the Liminal Coaching technique uses guided relaxation and other tools and techniques to help problem thoughts, emotions, and desires painlessly dissolve.

That frees you up to tap into your mind’s capacity for self-healing, creative ideation, and natural solution-creation.

Live without Constant Fear, Scarcity, Anger, and Other Negative Feelings

Yes, you can feel better than you realize—and accomplish anything you set your mind to…

And you can do it yourself, without pills or potions.

The Liminal Course can quite literally set you free to become more—and be more—than you ever thought you could.

How to get certified?

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