LEED V4 - BD+C - Sustainability
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LEED V4 - BD+C - Sustainability

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Hans Weemaes Hans Weemaes

Course Summary

The importance of sustainability needs little introduction, we can see the impacts of global warming, the increase in CO2 emissions, the spread of diseases such as COVID 19. Buildings contribute to a large extent to this and when well designed they can reduce the stress on the environment and improve human health.

LEED is a green building certification program and the globally recognised standard for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings and neighbourhoods.

Sustainability is far broader than recycling or installing solar panels. This course is designed to give you a broad understanding of the holistic approach taken by LEED to it contributes to the triple bottom line, people, planet, profit.

Todays most popular and most commonly used version of LEED BD+C V4, and it sets the bar for building standards to address energy efficiency, water conservation, site selection, material selection, day lighting and waste reduction.

Think of this course as a foundational course on LEED BD+C . This course is designed to provide you with a tutorial of all the credits, standards and requirements for this global standard. The Standard Reference V4 BD+C guide has over 800 pages.

Who can benefit?

  • People who want to learn about LEED, LEED BD+C
  • Professionals that have a LEED Green Associate or aspire to one, this would be an excellent starting point in terms of experience or knowledge.
  • People who are interested in a career in sustainability consultancy
  • Developers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, and basically anyone interested in learning about LEED
  • People with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
  • People capable of taking notes and applying the concepts and tools provided in this course.
  • People interested in taking the LEED AP exam.

What you will learn?

  • You will be able to speak about LEED BD+C and sustainability with confidence.
  • You will understand the difference terms, definitions and requirements.
  • You will learn from an experienced sustainability consultant and education
  •  You will deliver LEED projects, better, quicker and avoid common mistakes
  • You will go prepared to a job that requires knowledge in LEED and sustainability.
  • You will feel more confident about LEED and how to apply it.
  • All slides that are used are provided helping you with studying for the exam.

How to get certified?

After the Successful Completion of the Course