Learning Transfer and Strategic Human Resource Development
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Learning Transfer and Strategic Human Resource Development

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Mike Smith Mike Smith

Course Summary

An introduction to the challenges facing Strategic HRD professionals when dealing with learning transfer in organisations. 

The world of learning, training and teaching is changing dramatically, this programme focuses on the particular challenges faced by HRD professionals and follows on from our successful Introduction to Learning Transfer programme created for the University of California/Coursera. 

This programme is a result of our 10+ years in Learning Transfer and in particular of Mike Smith's past 3+ years of doctoral research and 30+ years experience as an HR Professional, Consultant and Trainer. 

The programme looks at HRs strategic focus in making sure that the individual learners, the companies and organisations have true impact and add value to each.  As HR professionals we are more interested in solving problems than research, but we need to establish the underpinning rationale for our work in order to add value.  It will enable you as an HR professional to rebuff the criticism that says we do not have the data which legitimises HRs role as a strategic partner in the business. 

The transfer of learning and training is a complex, multifaceted issue.  A PsycINFO search using the terms learning, training, or development returns over 1.6 million results - an astronomical knowledge base for guiding decisions on the design, delivery, evaluation, and optimization of training and learning effectiveness. Which leads to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. 

This series will highlight the gaps and offer solutions to the delivery of impact and value.  It will ensure that your role at the Executive Table is fully justified and theoretically sound.


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Who can benefit?

  • - Strategic HRD, OD professionals
  • - Trainers
  • - Coaches
  • - Instructional designers
  • - Learning professionals
  • - Teachers


What you will learn?

How to add value and design more effective learning programmes by weaving transfer design into your courses and learning/development programmes.


How to get certified?

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