Leadership Behaviors Holding You Back
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Leadership Behaviors Holding You Back

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Carol Marzouk Carol Marzouk

Course Summary

Learn to become a model leader that motivates others' to be great leaders in their own right from expert executive leadership trainer Carol Marzouk.

How do you bring your leadership up to the level where you can elevate others' to be the best leaders they can be? Understanding how your current behaviors are how you and others from achieving even more is paramount to leaving a legacy that is remembered.

This course equips you with a framework for giving and receiving feedback in a way that moves the relationship forward and understanding which behaviors you can start doing, which you might want to stop, as well as how to get your brain on board!

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. How can I identify which behaviors to START doing right now?
  2. Which behaviors, if I stop doing, will elevate my personal brand and leadership today?
  3. How can I give and receive feedback in a way that builds relationships?

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