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JavaScript Essentials

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Shaun Wassell Shaun Wassell

Course Summary

The JavaScript universe is incredibly vast, and gathering all the information and skills to become an effective JavaScript developer is harder than ever due to the sheer amount of information that’s out there on the topic. To make matters worse, far too many “Learn JavaScript” sites and courses are full of outdated or just flat-out incorrect information. In this course, I take all the good, up-to-date information out there and distill it down into a manageable, thorough, step-by-step guide to learning and mastering modern JavaScript. We’ll start off with a basic introduction to Javascript, its many advantages and shortcomings, what it’s used for, its popularity, the different “dialects” of JS, etc. Then, we’ll move on to basic Javascript syntax, as well as how to write and run modern Javascript code in different contexts. These sections will cover many of the different parts of Javascript (data-types, functions, classes, scope, modules, callbacks, and a bunch of other stuff), and will provide the learner with a working “vocabulary” to write more and more complex programs. From there, we’ll go into more specific ES6+ features that we haven’t already covered, giving examples of each and discussing the problems they were created to solve. Once we’ve had ample exposure to modern Javascript syntax and its inner workings, the course will move into more practical territory, using examples such as writing simple to advanced scripts and servers to solidify the learner’s understanding even further Finally, the course will close off with a treatment of some topics that are critical to being an effective Javascript developer - topics such as testing, debugging, and best practices.

Who can benefit?

The course is for you if..

  • You’re already familiar with another programming language and want to advance your career by learning JavaScript.
  • You’re new to programming and want to learn JavaScript.
  • You’ve used older versions of JavaScript, but are unfamiliar with the many changes that have taken place in JavaScript over the past few years.
  • You want to develop with React, Angular, Vue, or Node.js

What you will learn?

  • Get hands-on experience with modern JavaScript, and start writing programs from the very beginning of the course
  • Build performant websites and servers using JavaScript and Node.js.
  • Master the best-practices of modern JavaScript.
  • A deep-dive into JavaScript’s sometimes unusual syntax.
  • How to write and run JavaScript programs both in the browser and on a server.
  • The latest syntax improvements in JavaScript and how to take advantage of them.
  • The wider context of the JavaScript universe, including its advantages, quirks, and the many different JavaScript “dialects”

How to get certified?

There are a number of popular JavaScript certifications: