Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Category: Personal Development

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

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Robin Hills Robin Hills

Course Summary

Understand more about emotional intelligence; how to combine thinking with feelings in order to build quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions. Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence and use these skills and abilities at work. The course helps you to - Understand how emotional intelligence drives your performance and your success - Find out how you view some of your emotional intelligence capabilities and how others view these capabilities. - Discover ways that emotional intelligence can be improved - Explore some do's and don'ts of working with emotional intelligence How to use your emotional intelligence more effectively to build more satisfying relationships and make better decisions to improve performance.

Who can benefit?

Anyone with an interest in and the commitment to developing their ability to manage the emotional dimensions of life should be well placed to undertake this course.

Anyone with an interest in applying their intelligence to their emotion.

What you will learn?

Recognise the importance of understanding the emotions that you experience.

Examine how to practise and learn how to develop emotional intelligence.

Discover how to improve your relationships and performance by gaining insights into the emotions of other people.

Consider why you react to situations with a particular focus on how your feelings and emotions impact upon your performance.

How to get certified?

Complete the course, answer the questions and complete the activities.