How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech

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Arvee Robinson Arvee Robinson

Course Summary

Learn the art of creating a killer elevator speech that wins everytime from Master Speaker Trainer Arvee Robinson.

Most business owners attend networking groups to showcase their business. Yet very few attend an event prepared to deliver their business in a concise way that creates interest from the listener. Too often they mutter something they made up on the spot and confuse their audience and consequently lose business and opportunities. This does not have to be your reality.

During this lesson I teach my step-by-step formula for creating a killer elevator speech that will stop people in their track, get them to drop their guard, listen to you and want to do business with you. All this in a 10-second business message that I call your core message.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

Learn how to create an elevator speech that gets you more business

Sell the benefits of what you do instead of the features

Build curiousity and have your listeners asking to know more

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