How to Create a Five Minute Showcase
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How to Create a Five Minute Showcase

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Arvee Robinson Arvee Robinson

Course Summary

Learn to craft a compelling, and powerful, 5-minute business showcase from Master Speaker Trainer Arvee Robinson.

Speaking time is rapidly getting shorter and shorter. Those days of having an hour to speak are quickly demising. It is imperative as a business owner to have ready a 5-minute showcase that you can use when you only have a few minutes to speak.

During this lesson, I teach you my step-by-step formula for creating a powerful business showcase that will spotlight you as an expert in your field and get your business.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. To prepare a short 5-minute business speech that showcases your business 
  2. Use a proven formula for developing a short business presentation
  3. Make your brief speech last a long time by being memorable

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