Forex Scalping Masterclass
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Forex Scalping Masterclass

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Daksh Murkute Daksh Murkute

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This Forex Scalping Masterclass is designed so that anyone who wants to grow as a forex scalper can easily take advantage of this scalping system and turn into a Professional Forex Scalper.

Scalping is a type of trading style where traders buy or sell a currency pair and hold it for a short period of time to make a profit. Basically in scalping traders take trades in expectations of small profits in a very small period of time. It is one of the fastest forms of trading and Scalping is one of the most famous styles of trading in forex

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Forex trader


What you will learn?


Introduction of the world of scalping and scalpers in forex trading. This video provides you with an overview of scalping in forex and scalping trading.

How to choose a Broker for Scalping

There are different types of brokers in the forex market which charges different fees. Each one of them has a different fee structure. To choose the best broker for scalping trading styles in forex, there are certain criteria that you should look for before choosing a broker for scalping. This video will help you choose the best forex broker for scalping in 2020. The right way to choose a scalping broker in forex.

How to set up the chart for Scalping Trading Strategy

This video covers everything you need to know for setting up a chart for our forex scalping strategy. We have added a video that provides a step by step instructions for setting up a chart for scalping strategy in forex.

Forex Scalping Indicator 1

This part covers about one of the best indicators for scalping in forex. This indicator is one of the most accurate scalping indicators and one of the best scalping indicator in mt4 and mt5.

Forex Scalping Indicator 2

This second indicator which we will be using is one of the very accurate scalping indicators. This forex scalping indicator will help you take you scalping to the next level and also help you predict the next move of the forex market. This indicator is used in mt4 and mt5 for scalping.

Understanding Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are some of the most used technical tools which are widely used by forex traders all around the world. Because of a lot of misinformation in the forex market, many of them don't exactly know how to use it properly. This video covers the right way to use support and resistance in scalping and how exactly you can make your scalping strategy better with support and resistance.

The Secret Forex Scalping Strategy

The forex scalping strategy which we have taught in this class is the most profitable forex scalping strategy. This scalping strategy is easy to use and also helps you get a lot of setups every day.

Rules for the Scalping Strategy

Any Forex scalping strategy is not just trading setups. The market keeps on changing with time and each and every situation is different.

If you had any experience in trading you might have seen that each and every trade is different. So in order to deal with different scenarios in the forex market, we have designed a set of rules for scalping. these rules which we have taught in this masterclass will help you deal with different market setups and also help you tackle all the problems which you might face which trading scalping strategy.


This part of the class we have taken out all the different types of setups that you might get which using a forex scalping strategy. These scalping examples will help a forex scalper trade to be prepared beforehand. These examples will be very useful for anyone using our strategy.

Forex scalping Risk Management

I always say this no strategy is complete without proper risk management. We all know that there is always a risk involved in any kind of forex trading style. No matter which trading style you use there is always risk involved in it.


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