Distribution Station & Feeder Protection
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Distribution Station & Feeder Protection

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Course Summary

With the increasing loads, voltages, and short-circuit duty of distribution substation feeders, understanding distribution station and feeder protection has become more important today than it was even 10 years ago. The ability of the protective equipment to minimize damage when failures do occur and to minimize service interruption time is demanded not only for economic reasons but also because the general public just expects “reliable” service.

This course will attempt to review some of the present practices, particularly with regard to relaying, in view of some of these new developments. It is not the purpose of this course to settle the controversy surrounding some of the problems dealt with, but rather to give the student a better understanding of distribution station and feeder protection problems and some of the methods being used to solve them.

Among the areas covered will be cold load pickup, ground-fault detection, tripping methods, current-transformer (CT) connections, and coordination.

Power distribution is one of the essential steps for delivering electricity to everyone’s doors. Learn the function and management of the distribution station from this Distribution Station & Feeder Protection and kickstart your career in Protection & Control. This course will help you handle heavy electrical equipment safely.

In this course, you will learn the basic power distribution principles to fine-tune your distribution station management skills. You will learn about the function of distribution stations, fuses, feeders, and relays. This course also covers essential information on common mistakes to avoid when performing examinations and distributions.

This course will train you to be safe and control electric distribution with step-by-step video guidance. Whether you are looking to take your safety skills to the next level or kickstart a career in Protection and Control, this course introduces techniques to help you get there in no time.

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This course is intended for Engineers, Technologist, Technicians, Students wishing to learn and understand or just review Protection and Control in Distribution Stations.

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Distribution Station & Feeder Protection

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