Digital Electric Circuits & Intelligent Electrical Devices
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Digital Electric Circuits & Intelligent Electrical Devices

Course Summary

There are lots of reasons to learn digital logic, which is the foundation for digital computers and IEDs (Intelligent Electrical Devices). Various numbering systems will be looked at along with binary numbers as they lead into Binary Arithmetic. From there, Logic Gates & Switches will form the basis of further study along with Combinational Logic Functions.

Electromechanical switches and relays are first used to demonstrate logical functions as they will then lead to more complex circuitry of Sequential Circuits, Shift Registers, and solid-state components.


Who can benefit?

This course is intended for Engineers, Technologist, Technicians, Students wishing to learn and understand or just review Digital Electric Circuits.

What you will learn?

Digital Electric Circuits & Intelligent Electrical Devices

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