Determine the Optimal Sales Channels to Grow your Business
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Determine the Optimal Sales Channels to Grow your Business

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Ken Burke Ken Burke

Course Summary

Learn to grow your business successfully by determining the right sales channels to use for your business.

In order to grow a successful business, you must determine the right sales channels for your business. While the market and your competition might dictate which models are currently being used, we have found that exploring new channels of distribution can be a competitive advantage for you

We are going to take you through eight of the most popular sales channels (both direct and indirect). Those models are:

- Online / Direct to Consumer

- Retail

- Direct Sales (Inside and outside sales)

- Distributors

- Resellers

- Partners

- Manufacturers Rep / Independent Rep

- OEM / White Label

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. The advantages and disadvantages direct and indirect channels
  2. The selling models that will work best for your business
  3. The keys to success with each of the selling models

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