Define and Segment Your Competition
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Define and Segment Your Competition

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Ken Burke Ken Burke

Course Summary

Identify your company's unique value by learning how to define and segment your competition.

Contrary to popular belief, your business should have plenty of competitors. Thriving competition shows you’ve pinpointed a viable market. Defining and segmenting your competitors helps you better articulate your company’s unique value, while reassuring investors that your offerings will fill an existing need others recognize as an opportunity.

In this course, we’ll delve deep into the competition, with strategies for identifying and evaluating competitors and classifying them to discern where opportunities lie to fill gaps in the market.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. Why do I need competitors?
  2. Which companies are my competitors?
  3. What if I can’t find any competitors — or what if my company has too many?

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