Create a Robust Financial Plan - Part 2 (Revenue Models)
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Create a Robust Financial Plan - Part 2 (Revenue Models)

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Ken Burke Ken Burke

Course Summary

Learn to create a robust financial plan for your business that you can pitch to banks and investors.

Revenue forecasting is a form of predicting the future – which makes it intimidating, and may be why so many entrepreneurs hazard wild guesses to get it over with as fast as they can. But tying income projections directly to marketing and sales activities and using industry research to justify growth predictions is essential if you want to transform your revenue model into a useful tool for tracking performance and staying on top of your cash flow.

In this course, we’ll look at what drivers create revenue, which revenue models work best for product, service, and subscription or membership businesses, and how to predict how fast your business will scale. Detailed worksheets accompanying this course help you develop your own models that are succinct, understandable, accurate, and actionable.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. What are potential drivers of revenue?
  2. How can I accurately predict growth?
  3. How should I factor in subscription income, and how do I predict churn?

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