Create a Robust Financial Plan - Part 1 (The Fundamentals)
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Create a Robust Financial Plan - Part 1 (The Fundamentals)

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Ken Burke Ken Burke

Course Summary

Learn the fundamentals of how to create a robust financial plan for your business that you can pitch to banks and investors.

Making money is the very reason your business exists – but often, entrepreneurs don't pay enough attention to the financials that drive the bottom line. Sound financial planning documents can not only win over investors; they're valuable tools for monitoring the company's progress toward profitability.

In this course we'll examine and counteract common mis-perceptions about financial planning, learn about different models for revenue and cost projections, and use worksheets to build the statements that matter most.

We have included a full financial model that you can use to build a complete financial model for your business. Please note this course does not walk you through how to use the model. This course is intended to create a solid foundation so you can move on to create a financial forecast for our business.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. What numbers do investors care about, and why?
  2. Which is better – a “top down” or “bottom up” planning approach?
  3. What is COGS, anyway – and what’s so important about it?

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