Capital Campaigns: Yes, You CAN Do It
Category: Fund Raising

Capital Campaigns: Yes, You CAN Do It

Course Summary

Take the Pain out of Your Capital Campaign. You Can Do It!

Are you intimidated by the idea of a capital campaign? Do you have questions about how to run a successful capital campaign, where to find donors, and how to approach them for money? Do you dread your upcoming capital campaign because you’ve heard how disruptive and challenging they can be?

Who can benefit?

Any nonprofit contemplating or in the process of a capital campaign.

What you will learn?

• What makes a capital campaign similar to, and different from, other fundraising

• Do you need a feasibility/planning study?

• How to know if you’re ready for a campaign

• How campaigns are different n the digital age

How to get certified?

This course is worth 8 CEUs through CFRE International