Brand Objectives and KPI
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Brand Objectives and KPI

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Ryan Holmes Ryan Holmes

Course Summary

If there is a science to business and marketing, it lies in KPI and measurement. If you don't have objectives, you don't know how to set specific goals to your business and marketing campaigns. If you don't set specific goals and KPIs, you won't know how to measure whether your business or marketing campaigns perform well. If you don't measure the business and marketing campaigns, you won't know where your business will go. There are a lot of "What If..." but I want you to be real with yourself and answer some questions in the first lesson. If you can answer all without any hesitate, you are a great brand manager, marketing manager, or business owner. Then, this course is not for you. If you can answer those questions, This course will helpful to you. So if you’re ready, let’s start thinking like a professional marketer or a business owner!

Who can benefit?

Startup owners

Brand Managers


Small Business Owners

What you will learn?

Understand the basic objectives and KPIs

Understand how to set the objective and KPIs

Define the paths to growth your business

Define the thought process for the request of business's growth rate objectives

How to get certified?

Automatically as request.