Beating Burnout - Practical & Complete Stress Management
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Beating Burnout - Practical & Complete Stress Management

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Paul Banoub Paul Banoub

Course Summary

Defeat burnout by learning how to identify, manage, and reduce it's impact in this comprehensive course that details one of the biggest threats to employee health today

In this course we are going to take a deep dive into the condition of burnout.

We'll explore what burnout is - the physiological, psychological and behavioral symptoms of burnout. Also how burnout impacts individuals, teams and companies and how it destroys productivity and ruins lives.

And we'll also look at how individuals can recognise and cope with burnout as well as the responsibilities of leaders and people managers to create work environments that are burnout-proof and understand the reasons behind burnout in our teams.

I've been a people manager at some of the biggest companies in the world for over 20 years. Some of the environments I've worked in have been incredibly high stress, or badly broken in other ways. I've seen many instances of burnout and I've experienced it myself. As a people manager and leader I'm determined to address burnout in my and other organisations.

Burnout is one of the biggest threats to employee health that we face today. And as the pressure goes up, so does the stress. But it's not only stress and working too much, there are a ton of factors that contribute to burnout, many related to the type of work we give our teams and the autonomy and empowerment of the individual.

So if you're concerned about burnout, either for yourself or your teams and colleagues, then this is going to be really useful, and might even save someone's career or health.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. How to identify, manage and reduce the impact of burnout
  2. Stress management tips to improve mental health
  3. How you as a leader can create a culture that protects the mental health of your teams
  4. How to identify issues with company culture and prevent your employees from suffering

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