Attraction-Based Marketing Strategies
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Attraction-Based Marketing Strategies

Course Summary

Master the art of engaging the right customers with attraction-based marketing strategies taught by 30-year public relations and communications expert Scott Robertson.

Nobody woke up this morning and said — “Man, I sure wish somebody would target me for some marketing today!” And yet, there it was — interruption after interruption — message after message — annoyance after annoyance. Because the truth is, most companies don’t care who they bother as long as it ends up in some percentage of sales—for them. This entire model is broken—and it’s just wrong. But what if you could attract exactly the right customers for your brand WITHOUT disrupting the rest? What if you didn’t need their personal data to do it? That is the premise of this course which teaches you the basics of attraction-based marketing strategies.

Who can benefit?

Any professionals

What you will learn?

  1. Learn the attraction-based marketing model and why it works better
  2. Understand the importance of having a clear, strong problem-driven story
  3. Learn how using a different messenger can affect the audience's trust of the message

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