Accounting Basics
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Accounting Basics

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Sunitha  Das Sunitha Das

Course Summary

Accounting is  a great course to study for a number of reasons.Accounting provides you with skills and knowledge that can be applied to a number of industries.Infact so long as there are business in the world, accountants will always be needed. This course will give you a detailed knowledge about the basics of accounting.

Who can benefit?

  1. Students
  2. The beginners who start a business
  3. An entrepreneur who starts a new enterprise
  4. Individuals those who have interest to know the basics of accounting.

What you will learn?

The series of 5 modules helps to understand the basic theories and principles of accounting, rules of debit and credit, posting of journal and ledger, preparation of cash book,bank reconciliation statement, Preparation of Trading account ,preparation of financial statement(profit and loss a/c, Balance sheet), Accounts of sole proprietorship concerns.

How to get certified?

Online certification